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This section is a catalog of specialty property types. Each page contains a complete set of home listings for the selected property type. Use the quick search buttons to browse by price for each particular property type.

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Duplexes in Travis County

Austin Duplexes: A Place to Call Home that Generates Income

Austin duplex properties are of major interest to families. An Austin duplex is worth looking into for a family looking to own a property they can rent to generate additional income. Duplexes are known majorly for having all the aspects of a house without the price. Austin duplex listings are generally most interesting for families or individuals who are transitioning from apartments to a home. Duplexes are appealing to most people because they provide the space of a single family home while coming in the price range of an apartment, and not to mention the sense of privacy involved when you choose a duplex for your residence. Austin duplexes offer more privacy than an apartment complex because you are only looking at having one neighbor as opposed to having several neighbors on either side of you and sometimes below and above you. Choosing an Austin duplex as your new home is definitely something worth giving serious thought.

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