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This section is a catalog of current home listings for all of Austin and it's surrounding suburban communities organized by zip code. Each page contains a complete set of home listings for the selected zip code.

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East Austin: Rural Travis County Offers Quality Affordable Homes

On the eastern border of Austin, in the rural area of Travis County, potential homebuyers looking for a more rural lifestyle in the Austin area can find the perfect destination. Rural Travis County real estate for sale includes neighborhoods made up of East Austin homes for sale with spacious front and backyards, perfect for families with young children. Kids have the opportunity to play and interact with other children in the commnity. The many trees add to the ideal country neighborhood scene in these East Austin home listings.

Property values for rural Travis County real estate for sale are less than in many other areas of the city of Austin, making it possible for a buyer to get more living space for the dollar. While the styles of homes vary, it is not unrealistic to find 3 bedrooms and 2 baths in houses for much less than $100,000. The average home value for these East Austin home listings is in the 70s. This affordable pricing makes the area attractive to buyers with smaller budgets, including first-time single buyers and couples with families. Residents in the area represent a virtual even mix of individual homeowners and couples.

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